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Private wedding ceremony

Private wedding ceremony at »Hotel Der Lippische Hof«

More and more couples are deciding against a church ceremony.

But the free wedding also stands for much more than just a change in marital status.

It's a romantic way to say yes. An outstanding event that is individually designed and tailored just for you. An unforgettable day where everything revolves around you and your love.

A free wedding ceremony can be very similar to traditional church ceremonies or be interpreted in a completely new way. Together with the wedding speaker, you can make your ceremony an unforgettable moment: authentic, authentic and as unique as you are.

In our premises, be it The Library, The Alchemist or on our garden terrace, weddings can be held in a wonderfully romantic ambience.

We will then invite you to a champagne reception where you can toast and celebrate this important event with your loved ones.

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Private ceremony speaker Natalie Eggelbusch

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Private ceremony speaker Christian

Mobile: 0151 401 27 429

E-Mail: christian@freier-redner-

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