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„probably the best Dry aged beef of germany.“

Chef Hans-Georg Ogrissek values regional food and best meat. The philosophy of the team is “WE LOVE FOOD”!
Walter’s Pharmacy is known for its own aging-room, available for each guest, where the beef – dry aged Beef – is dried for 6-12 weeks before it is grilled at 800 ° C so that the surface is caramelized  and the meat juice remains inside.

„two extraordinary areas“

Walter’s Pharmacy is seperated into two separate areas with their own charme: the classic area and the royal area. In the reservation, please indicate in which area you would like to sit. Without specification we determine the optimal place for you.

„the classic area“

„the royal area“

opening times

daily from 4:00 – 11:00 pm
kitchen strats at 5:30 pm till 11:00 pm


Walter’s Pharmacy was awarded in several ways. for example from Guide Michelin, Slowfood and »Westfälisch Genießen«.

Slowfood Unterstützer Westfälisch genießen Auszeichnung

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