with Stefan Breuer / Rheingau

Friday, 07/28/2017  at 7 pm

– terrace THE View

The winery

In May 2006, winegrower Stefan Breuer founded the winery. In the year of its founding, he started with a hectare of cultivated land and now 6.5 hectares are available in the Rheingau and Rheinhessen as well as a total of 1.5 hectares in Piedmont (Italy) and in Rioja (Spain).

The German vineyards are predominantly found in the Rheingau region around Geisenheim, Johannisberg, Lorch and Erbach. In Rheinhessen one hectare is cultivated in the vicinity of Grofl Winternheim.

Modern wine with tradition

Modern wines, but with tradition. This allows us to briefly sum up the way Stefan Breuer understands his wine trade. For him, this means: Listen to the ground and show the minerality that it offers for the wine – the terroir has to get through.

Wine with foresight

Die Weinwelt entwickelt sich – sie wird internationaler, vielfältiger und erlebnisorientierter. Stefan Breuer trägt die Rechnung, indem er moderne Weine ausbaut und auch Neues wagt. Wichtig ist uns auch der Austausch mit seinen Kollegen – denn gute Ideen können nur entstehen, wenn man den Blick weitet.

The wine world is developing – it’s becoming more international, diverse and more experience-oriented. Stefan Breuer carries the bill by developing modern wines and also daring to make new ones. It is also important for us to exchange with our colleagues – because good ideas can only arise if we expand our view.

Wine tasting, aperitif, bottled water, espresso, 5 course menu € 59,00 p.p.